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A young entrepreneur, who tries to enrich the world with new ideas. Currently a college student self employed and mainly self educating / trying to keep up to date with the most recent trends.

His main life goal is to bring the world something that has a huge impact on a lot of people not to be forgotten for a long time. It definitely is not an easy task, but that's exactly what makes it so interesting and challenging. Gordon Casper tries to live up to one simple quote "Never give up"

Briefly: "I am very inspired by Kyle Bragger (Developer of Facto.me), Justine Ezarik (Internet Celebrity), Ray William Johnson (YouTube celebrity) and Mark Bao (Developer of ThreeWords.me). These people have achieved something that only a few others on the planet are capable of.

One man that gives me a lot of strength and courage is Nick Vujicic (Person born without limbs). This man shows me that world has no real boundaries and that everything is possible.

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